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We put a car-for-sale ad on We were then contacted by They called repeatedly telling my parents that they could help them sell their car and for a $500 fee they would advertise their car nationally and that because they combine loan services that they could be of great service in helping sell the car. kept calling and had almost convinced my parents to pay $500 for their "services" when my parents asked me to look into the company. I discovered they have an "F" rating with the BBB nationally and also with the BBB in Nevada. The internet is littered with consumer complaints about That is when I began to scrutinize the claims made in their email. As I investigated each claim proved out to be false. Their ads and services do not come up on the top of the list (or at all) on a search on when searching the terms they claim will show high profile results when searched. Similarly do they come up on top or at all on a search or Furthermore their email claims that they will advertise oneBay and on their web site there is a button to click on to see the ads on eBay from OneStopMotors. There were only 19. Does this sound like a company that's going to do a lot for you after you give them $500?

They also show the name on their email, but it's free to post ads there. They also list some shame web sites that are subsidiaries of but are not actual national car trading entities. They are merely window dressing and probably the only place a car "advertised" by would possibly ever end up. These sham web sites are probably only used by OneStopMotors to deflect legal charges of taking money for no services rendered. They can point to those sham web sites and claim that was their advertising.

I contacted about this and he had nothing to refute any of these claims. The only thing they said is that the BBB is a scam.

Take a look at the image from OneStopMotor's web site showing what appears to be their building. Please compare it to the image from Google Earth. Even their claim of what their offices are is a lie.

This company is a scam and they take advantage of people's desperation to sell vehicles in these difficult financial times.

From what I read on the internet their "loan services" are just the other side of the scam. People are getting burnt left and right by this company. BEWARE I will post the email and the photos if this forum allows it.

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Totally agree I thought that this company was getting a "bad rap" because they make giant promisses like selling your car 2000 over blue book value and doing so in a week. I though maybe if I priced regularly and took this opertunity with some gravity it might work out and I could get this car sold.

In 3 months I got ZERO calls. They did not advertise on any of there sham sites either. Look up their Ebay store, its all houswares that were sold to boost their rating. If you look at any of the reviews on google that someboday acually sold their car its name is onestopmotor LOL!

or if you look at another post by the name it is obviously an employee. I messed up even seeing the bad press because many of them were not objective just mad. The above post is 100% right with even more laziness on their end. I would think if they actually sold cars you would get friend referals but I guess aggresive calling to suckers like me are worth it.

GO TO THEIR WEBSITE. Search for and make, ie ford. Their are pictures with date stamps from the 90s!!! some early 2000.

for one employee to make 50k a year he/she would have to sell little over 8 a year (at $500 a pop), they have a bunch of employees, I don't see that many cars on their website and it has been the same for months.

Something is fishy here. How did they pay that racing guy?

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